Back from Sabbatical

ImageI’m baaaaaaack!

I spent the past four months on sabbatical finishing my Doctor of Ministry dissertation in the Leadership and Spiritual Formation program at George Fox Seminary. It was an exhausting, exhilarating, challenging, growthful experience that I enjoyed deeply – and am glad to have behind me!

Finishing this project, however, left me little brain bandwidth to maintain this site. But now I’m back, and I will start posting twice weekly reflections on some of the leadership and ministry themes from my DMin work, as well as sermon thoughts for those weeks I’m in the pulpit. I’ve got lots of thoughts about being a missional Lutheran rumbling around in my head, and I’m interested to know what is percolating in your spirit as well.


About Allen

Child of God, husband, father of two brilliant daughters, pastor and recent dmin graduate at George Fox University near Portland OR. My spiritual home is in the North American Lutheran Church, where I am currently between positions and upgrading my landscaping and home repair skills. "diakonia" (pronounced "dee-ak-on-ee'-ah") is a word found in the Greek New Testament used to describe (variously) either a specific kind to help any people in need, or a more general serving at table or the distribution of financial resources. In Acts 6, Stephen and others are chosen to serve the early Christian community there in Jerusalem, and the Church has had a "deaconate" in one form or another ever since. I've given my blog this title as a reminder that our faith is lived out where our faith and our service intersect.
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